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For a sustainable coast

Development of strategic guidelines and experimentation of “pilot actions” in the traditional and emerging sectors of the Blue Economy for the sustainable development of coastal areas, in implementation of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda and through the operational tool of the “Coast Agreement”.

The BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030 Interterritorial Cooperation Project is part of the activities falling within the competence of the FLAGs planned by measure 4.64 of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014/20.

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The values of the projects


A shared and participated project

The project will provide an impulse to the growth of local communities, offering concrete support for orienting the directions and possible actions to implement the Blue Economy by supporting economic diversification and the creation of new jobs in the territories.

The operational tool considered for the construction of strategic guidelines and the experimentation of “pilot actions” is the Coast Agreements, which derives from the traditional model of the “River Agreement”, and is calibrated on the specificity and multiplicity of interests, territorial players and resources that characterize a coastal system. The reference best practice is the Costa Veneta Agreement, the first experience in Italy launched in 2016 on the entire regional coast (in the coastal areas between the mouth of the Tagliamento river and the Po Delta) to facilitate the implementation of Community, national and regional policies on environmental protection, hydraulic defence, adaptation to the effects of climate change and in general the integrated management of territories at the land-sea interface, together with the enhancement and promotion of local development through conscious, responsible, operational and continuous cooperation.

The application of the Coast Agreement will help to improve governance of the local network with positive effects on the Blue Economy.

The BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030 project proposal was developed by the FLAG GAC Chioggia Delta del Po starting from the needs recognized and shared with the FLAGs of the partnership, as part of the various laboratory activities carried out both locally, through the respective Local Development Strategies (SSL), and at national and international level in the meetings supported by the National Network of FLAGs and by FARNET.

FLAG GAC Chioggia e Delta del Po
FLAG Veneziano
FLAG Costa dell'Emilia Romagna
FLAG Marche Centro
FLAG Marche Sud
FLAG Costa Blu
FLAG Costa degli Etruschi
FLAG Alto Tirreno Toscano
FLAG Pescando
FLAG GAC Levante Ligure
FLAG Savonese


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Blue Coast Agreements 2030 at Sealogy

On November 17, a seminar entitled "New models of governance, tools and experiences for a sustainable blue growth of coastal areas", held by Blue Coast Agreements 2030 in collaboration with with the Slovenian Regional Economic Union and the Municipality of Porto Tolle.

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