Thursday 17 November – 14.00 – 18.00

Blue Coast Agreements 2030 at Sealogy

On November 17, a seminar entitled “New models of governance, tools and experiences for a sustainable blue growth of coastal areas”, held by Blue Coast Agreements 2030 in collaboration with with the Slovenian Regional Economic Union and the Municipality of Porto Tolle.

The partnership of the Italian FLAGs of the BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030 Project, in collaboration with the Slovenian Regional Economic Union (URES) and the Municipality of Porto Tolle, leader of the Po Delta DESTINAZIONE PESCA Project, organize the Seminar entitled “NEW MODELS OF GOVERNANCE, TOOLS AND EXPERIENCES FOR SUSTAINABLE BLUE GROWTH OF COASTAL ZONES”.

The initiative moves from the interest expressed by URES with respect to the ongoing experiences on the Italian territory, to the tools and new governance models functional to the practice of BLUE GROWTH in coastal areas and for the local communities that live and work in the sector of fisheries and aquaculture, taking into account the sustainability criteria and objectives referred to in the UN Agenda 2030.

In particular, the attention was placed on the BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030 Project under construction by eleven Italian FLAGs (Fishing Local Action Groups), which provides a new governance model for coastal areas but also for management and operations designed to facilitate the “grounding” of sustainability objectives and targets.

The first part of the seminar is therefore dedicated to the presentation of the BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030 Project and the first results achieved in the territories of the eleven partnership FLAGs (FLAG GAC Chioggia and Delta del Po; FLAG Partners: FLAG Veneziano – VeGAL; FLAG Costa dell’Emilia -Romagna; Marche Center FLAG; Marche South FLAG; Costa Blu FLAG; Upper Tyrrhenian Tuscan FLAG; Etruscan Coast FLAG; Pescando FLAG, Levante Ligure FLAG and Savonese FLAG). In the second part, however, some local experiences and good practices are illustrated in the field of technical-scientific research (INEST and FRAMESPORT projects), but also by public administrations (DELTA DEL PO DESTINAZIONE PESCA project) and private individuals (MICROALGHE project).

In conclusion, a round table animated by Mipaaf, the National Network of FLAGs and by Regions and FLAG partners of the Cooperation Project “BLUE COAST AGREEMENTS 2030” leads to a reflection on the direction of “THE CONTRIBUTION OF ITALIAN FLAGS TO SUSTAINABLE BLUE GROWTH OF COASTAL ZONES BETWEEN EMFF AND EMFFA”.

The seminar will be held in the Sala Volturno, Fiera di Ferrara, from 14.00 to 18.00. Admission is free and participation in the Conference (subject to registration) allows free access to the Fair.

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