The courses of the educational program “The sea in the classroom” have ended

With the last lesson on December 1, dedicated to the learning week for secondary school students entitled “The sea around us”, the cycle of courses of the educational program “The sea in the classroom” of the BCA2030 project ended .

The closing of this fourth and last course is also a moment of balance for this experience which lasted just over three months.

The strategy adopted by the educational program “The sea in the classroom” was based on the experimentation of pilot experiences and the development of replicable educational/training models and approaches. The primary objective was aimed at the creation of educational content that could intertwine the curricular subjects and at the same time engage the exploration of the coastal territory and the sea.

The didactic activity was aimed at sharing tools and knowledge that could complete the opportunities for inclusive teaching and able to counteract early school leaving through a close link with creative activities and interaction with the territory and the reference community.

Overall, the hours of lessons provided in the four training courses, dedicated to both teachers and students, were 80.

The participation of students in the modules dedicated to them was 300 between girls and boys, while the teachers who attended the courses made available to them were 30.

There were 25 teachers involved in teaching, including university teachers and researchers, researchers from public research institutes, artists, film directors and industry experts.

The final results of the courses were: for the course dedicated to primary school teachers, a short illustrated story, messenger of a culture inspired by the principles of environmental sustainability and linked to the animal life that takes place on the coasts.

For the course dedicated to teachers of schools of all levels and for the learning week for secondary school students, two short documentaries were made to observe the coastal environment, the result of the laboratory activities, which will be published on the channel YouTube and in the Facebook profile of the project and on the websites of the Flag partners.

It was an experience of mutual enrichment among all those who took part (students, teachers, lecturers and coordinators) and which left everyone with a beautiful memory for what was shared.

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