Tuesdady 20 September – 15.00

Training courses for teachers and students related to the “Sea in the classroom” educational program resume

With the start of the new school year (2022-2023) the training courses for teachers and students of the “Sea in the classroom” educational program restart.

On Tuesday 20 September at 15:00 the online presentation of the courses is scheduled by connecting to the following link:


The training offer for the new school year includes:

• a course, remotely, for school teachers of all levels entitled “Living in the landscape of the sea”, structured in six lessons (15 hours) plus a three half-day workshop (8 hours), for a total of 23 hours;

• a learning week, in remote mode, for secondary school students entitled “The sea around us”, divided into 10 half-days of lessons (12 hours) and workshops (18 hours), in the form of remote, for a total of 30 hours.

Below is the link to register for the courses:


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